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 [RARE HERO] Pope (Or any kind of person who prays and believes something)

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[RARE HERO] Pope (Or any kind of person who prays and believes something) Empty
PostSubject: [RARE HERO] Pope (Or any kind of person who prays and believes something)   [RARE HERO] Pope (Or any kind of person who prays and believes something) EmptyWed Jan 02, 2013 1:50 am

Basically this hero will utilize all the legendary priest gear and main weapon would be a book. It's book will look super cool and be a blue book and very thick. Basic attack would be 3 hits where you just slap your opponent with the book, the last hit will lift up a little bit like medic. Also the basic attack can juggle off fainted people(think medic). ALTERNATIVE, you hold your book with one hand and chant out words and the you move the other hand to attack. Three rays of light will come from your hand and has the same effect as the book attack. The light attacks however are not effected by any kind of shield like DMR. It has an AoE counter which will knockback anyone that is close to you putting them into a short half faint( the AoE for the counter is like a rock star attack). This hero cannot dash but has one of those dash attack thingies (medic stab). For it's "dash attack" the hero will swing it's book from above his head, down really fast knocking their opponent onto the ground. When used on an opponent in air it will slam them down causing a little bounce up. For its jump attack the hero will do a super cool somersault while holding his book out hitting anyone who comes near. This hero has a standard block. For this heroes weapon skill the hero will open it's book and chant a prayer doing some cool chanting pose and movements. It takes 3 seconds for the hero to finish this prayer and during the 3 seconds it takes to pray numerous clouds will begin appearing over a large AoE(think icemage circle multiplied by 3). A super duper light will shine from the clouds zapping any enemies under the clouds doing 5hits to each enemies and does a lot of damage( think maple story bishop genesis lol! ) Each enemy will have it's own ray of light shooting on them.

Mostly I was thinking this hero should be a support character; this is where the hold D comes into play D:< When holding D the prayer person will began chanting things from the book. A large circle will surround the prayer, think yandi's trinket when thinking of the size of the circle. The prayer has a gauge which starts at 0 and has a maximum of 100. After praying for 1 second of praying is equal to one point on the gauge. After reaching 10 points all characters including yourself will have all their abilities buffed by 1point (or more or something). When reaching 100 points on the gauge heroes in the AoE will receive an invincibility buff (think justice defender armor). If you get hit the praying will stop and if you stop praying for 5seconds the gauge will decrease and the buff will decrease.

Storyline for this hero will be that he/she is a young little kid(around age 7-10) who lives in a church(or some other kind of religeous building) with their dad and mom in a village. Some bandits come in and kill everybody in the village and it's all dramatic and the kids parents are praying but they die and the kid ends up surviving. The kid becomes very hateful and mean because of this and wants revenge, from this you start abandoning your beliefs. You begin training and come across various events of which people need help but you don't help em because your a h8ter. Than you meet this person of opposite gender who guides you down the right path. This person helps you train and you become much much stronger and help out people. But than this person gets killed by the same bandits who you encountered as a kid. Than you beat them with prayers magic things and thats it and you become old master and are very kind and help people.

[EDIT] Just read Chakkeh's hero idea and saw mine was werid so time to fix it up!

Pope/Prayer/Priest RARE Special/Magic(mostly magic)

GEARS: Priest Legendary Gears
Holy Bible/Scroll(Any religeous book)

GUAGE: Read up top^

COMBO: Read up top^

And than I gave up trying to be like Chakkeh :S

Can't wait to see what KLS will actually do if they make a legendary priest gear rare hero though lol Very Happy
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[RARE HERO] Pope (Or any kind of person who prays and believes something)
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