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 jin saotome permium hero

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PostSubject: jin saotome permium hero    jin saotome permium hero  EmptyWed Jul 04, 2012 9:51 pm

a hot-blood hero fro the cybetbot seris developed by Capcom
would be a balanced hero untill he goes full hot-blood.
so at low health he would resist some attacks his attaks now will have a fire attribute.
he can not run. but he does dash like special heros, and has a single jump but can jump really high.
note*all gifs are from fightergeneration.com.

here is his battle stance jin saotome permium hero  Jin-fullstance

here are his set.
basic attack 3 punches the last hit will knock back.
hot-blood: the last hit would have a fire atribute.
short hold D is a launcher throws them up in the air for air combos.
hot-blood: adds fire to the launch and makes the enemy go higher.
long Hold D will knock the enemy far. can not break guard
hot-blood: guard breaker.
counter: he back fists the enemy and knocks them back.
Hot-blood: grab them and then you beat them down if you mash it you get up to 4 hits
if not only 2 hits.

Headband=Saotome crush. this is a grapple you drap the opponent on the floor and then throw him.Does good amount of damage not alot and does not go far. not like the image
jin saotome permium hero  Jin-360throw
hot-blood: just does more damage and goes further
command: →,↓,← D

Scarf=Saotome typhoon. Like the justice defender's weapon attack but its faster further but weaker.
jin saotome permium hero  Jin-typoon
hot blood=this one is more like a throw and stays in one place it sucks in any enemy that is in your face or very near by nd throws then up very high like the priests robe.
jin saotome permium hero  Jin-super3
command: ←,→ D

Armor:Saotome Dynamite. this is like ice mage armor but it does multiple hits and does not knock back alot.
jin saotome permium hero  Jin-explode
hot-blood= higher knock back but no multiple hits.
command:↓,↑ D

Weapon:Soatome fist. Just a very strong punch throwing the enemy acrose the stage
jin saotome permium hero  Jin-powerpunch
hot-blood: its stronger and it does multiple hits and a robot arm comes out only a small portion
jin saotome permium hero  Jin-super1
command:↓,→ D

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jin saotome permium hero
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