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 New Hero Idea: " Oblivion Awaits"

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PostSubject: New Hero Idea: " Oblivion Awaits"   Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:38 pm

Grave keeper(Mage)

The Grave Keeper is an sinister hero who has given his soul to Death, so he may send those he hates to the underworld. He fights with a
Chained Lantern that contains lost souls.


Combo: D D D: The Keeper, holding the top-most part of the chain, swings the lantern diagonally up-left, followed by a diagonally down-right, with a unique finishing attack. The Keeper swings the lantern straight over his head upwards, extending the chain. This hits enemies in front, up above, and behind.

Hold D: D...: This summons the Keepers magic circle. It is slightly smaller than ice mages, but it cannot be moved. charges skills like normal.

Dash attack: >>: the Grave Keeper swings the lantern and chain straight down, and smacks the enemy to the ground. Causes a short burned status.

Jump/double jump: Standard mage actions

Jump dash: ^>>: A ghost is summoned some distance away from the Keeper(not too far), when the Grave Keeper throws the lantern to the ghost, still holding the chain, and swings in the direction provided. All of this will happen rather quickly. Can be canceled by a double jump.

Hold D Aesthetic: When charging his skills, the Keeper holds the lantern out in front, and it begins to glow an eerie cyan blue.


Weapon(SD): Undertaker: The magic circle is now free to move, but it does not produce anything. When D is mashed, black silhouette hands reach out of the ground in random locations. If an enemy is grabbed by one of these hands, they will be dragged through a hole and fall through the level. If there is a floor underneath the part where they are dragged(unlikely) then then will receive bounce fall damage.

Armor(ASD): Siphon : the Grave Keeper will summon a giant black arm around his, that will grab an enemy. When grabbed, the enemy cannot break free until the attack is over. If nothing is hit after the skill is activated, then then hand will slam the enemy to the ground causing them to bounce. If D is mashed during the time the enemy is held, then the hand will continuously crush the enemy, and the Keeper will receive a small amount of health for each time hit(max Cool. Finally, the hand will slam them down.The crushing attacks take away much less then the throw.

Helm(AD): Beckon: The Keeper will summon a black spot on the ground. If an enemy walks over or near the spot(appears abut the size of a sappers mines light, but has a black aura), A giant hand will launch them into the air.

Trinket(AS): Fear: The giant sarcophagus on the keepers back is hurled into the air, and a magic appears. When a location is selected, the Sarcophagus will land on the ground, open, and paralyze all who are inside the circle in fear. the enemies must try to break free.
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Posts : 47
Join date : 2012-04-09
Age : 24
Location : New Jersey

PostSubject: Re: New Hero Idea: " Oblivion Awaits"   Sat Apr 14, 2012 12:28 am

well. alright let me clear some things up

for the jump dash, it's not exactly an attack, but more so a means of transportation. It's basically like a spider-swing to a summoned ghost with the lanterns chain, then the ghost vanishes. If an enemy is inside the path, they will be knocked out of the air.

for the AD: that's actually my bad. I forgot to change it. The AD skill is now:
Banish: The Grave Keeper sends the black hand out flying, (same length of shuriken) and if the enemy is hit, there soul will be banished momentarily(5 seconds). While banished(same area they were in but black and white) they are intangible and cannot be seen or touched. They may wander like they are seduced, and will be returned when 5 seconds passes, or the Keeper who banished them is attacked(requires them to stand still and hold the spell).

And the sarcophagus, i actually DID mean a coffin, but i did not know there was a difference XD.

Yes the SD is an insta-edge, but will cause no extra drop damage unlike most other attacks, that is exempting drill srg.

and the reason the souls glow is blue, is because in most things, that seems to be the color of souls, so it makes more since when the souls are resonating in the lantern
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New Hero Idea: " Oblivion Awaits"
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