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 New hero Idea: Moonlight Edge

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New hero Idea: Moonlight Edge Empty
PostSubject: New hero Idea: Moonlight Edge   New hero Idea: Moonlight Edge EmptyThu Aug 16, 2012 9:55 pm

This hero I just thought up:

Moonlight Edge(Melee)

A speedy new melee hero who's ambition is to destroy the moon. Uses his Greave Edges.
Left foot: Ankle blade
Right foot: top of foot blade


Stance:One hand in pocket, knees slightly bent. right leg standing on toes.

Basics: D D D D D
D: Low kick
D D: Upper kick(brings up from first kick)
D D D: Right leg strike(down-right)
D D D D: Spin kick
D D D D D: upwards sweep(lift)

Hold D: D... D
D...: Backflip kick(no lift, jumps backwards)
D... D: Low sweep(knocks down)

Dash Attack: >> D
>>D: Crescent spin kick(Half-feint)

Jump: standard

Jump attack: ^ D
^ D: Cartwheel kick


Weapons: Moonlights edge: Horizontal slash. Leaves an energy trail, which lasts for 4 seconds. can still damage enemies.

* Air use: Vertical falling kick. vertical energy trail.

Armor: Crescent cleaver: Backflip lift, followed by a frontflip kick, which causes severe knockback.

Helm: Moonsplitter: Extremely heavy leg drop. Causes super launch. Can hit and lift downed enemies.

Trinket: Heavy pursuit: cloaked in darkness(invisible), the ME will charge forwards for 5 seconds, until either D, A or S is pressed.

D: Double Frontflip kick, which causes double bounce

S: Cancel

A: Double aerial backflip kick. Can be followed up by an aerial attack, causing quicker drop.

Also I have a little bit of the story developed to make it coherent:

Lv 5) The city had survived the last attack, but nightfall is coming again. The walls won't last for much longer, and i fear that the worst is coming soon.

Lv 10) I just woke up at the break of Dawn. The city walls have crumbled, and my parents are gone. Why can't the darkness just go away...

Lv 20) My Neighbor told me, about an old man who lives on the outskirts of town. Legend says he knows how to end the darkness. since one more night in the city could be my last, I will head out now, and hope for the best.

Lv 30) My arm is broken, and my vision is blurry, but I've come across a small cottage. The old man told me that the only way to rid us of darkness is to destroy the moon. I'm all out of hope, and craziness is my only option now. I will find a way to crush the Moon.
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New hero Idea: Moonlight Edge
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