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 new hero idea; The Skies will fall!!"

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new hero idea; The Skies will fall!!" Empty
PostSubject: new hero idea; The Skies will fall!!"   new hero idea; The Skies will fall!!" EmptyThu Apr 12, 2012 12:16 am

I've got a great idea for a hero:

Hurricane Falcon: "The Skies will Fall!!"

Aerial melee hero with a long Spiral Edge, with blades resembling wings. This classes attacks hit rapidly and are difficult to predict, but can easily be blocked.


Normal combo: D D D D: starts with a diagonally upwards strike, spinning the blade up,then diagonally downward, spinning down. After that, a horizontal spin attack, followed by an upward spin. Each part of the combo (1-3) hits 2 times, and the last one hits 3 times.

Hold D: D(H): The falcon takes the blade above his head, and does a graceful spin, witch hits 3 times while the blade drops, and breaks guard. The last hit causes kneeling status.

Dash attack: >>D D: Normal sprint. first hit is similar to attack 3 in the normal combo, except the hit slightly lifts the enemy. Finally, the hero kicks vertically upwards, launching the enemy into the air.

aerial jump: A A: First jump is slightly higher than most heroes, but the second jump is unique. The Falcon gets lofted into the air, much higher than any other double jump. However, it reaches just before the point of receiving fall damage, which means if the falcon jumps from one point to a lower point with the double jump, they will receive fall damage unless they don't slow themselves with an air combo.

Aerial hold D: A D(H): The attack is similar to the aerial dash, but goes straight down.

Aerial combo: D D D D D: the first attack is diagonally up, than horizontally left, followed up by a downwards attack, and another horizontal attack that causes the the hero to spin 90 degrees, stopping when his back is to the enemy. Final attack is a downwards, over the head slam kick that is similar to [Wild Pitch] in the air, as in the enemy is spiked very quickly and bounces off the ground.

Air Dash: A >>/A A >>: The falcon spins in the direction pressed, and hits up to six times. Can be used on double jump.

counter attack: S (attacked) D: similar to the hold D, except the spin comes upwards, and launches the enemy into the air. As the hero does the counter, He himself is also launched, allowing a quick air combo finish.


Weapon(Spiral edge): tempest: The falcon spins his edge, summoning a great tornado above, which sucks in enemies in a similar fashion and range of the maids epic gear, but in all directions. As the falcon spins the blade it causes 6 hits(depending on timing of sucking in), then slams one blade to the ground, launching enemies.

Armor:(Windfall Coat): Albatross: This is the most important skill for the Hurricane Falcon. Has 3 uses, in air, standing, and grounded. The aerial skill is the same as the air dash, but straight upwards and causes guard break to those on ground. standing attack kicks low on the person, giving them stun the doing a graceful back flip kick wich sends them flying(can also hit grounded). The downed version of the skill lets the falcon snap back up, hovering over the ground with the double blade under his up-turned body, witch causes kneeling status.

Helm(Crested band): Black Bird: The falcon is lifted off the ground slightly, than throws the spiral edge out forwards, causing dazed stun, Then blows wind towards the enemies witch can cause them to either be caught in the blade as it spins, or blown away.

Trinket: (Roc's Feather): Raptor: The Falcon flies very high into the air, completely out of sight, and watches his prey from above. uses a MC(magic circle) to guide where he will strike(around 4 seconds). Hit d, and the Falcon will dive bomb extremely fast to earth. If he hits the ground, the enemies around him will be launched into the air. If The falcon lands on an enemy, he will slide on the character(character is downed and in lots o' pain D: ) for about 1 and a half seconds, or hit D. When D is hit( or time expires) the falcon back flip kicks off the person, sending them flying in an arc.

I hope you guys like my idea, and will keep me posted Wink
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new hero idea; The Skies will fall!!"
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