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 Imperial Archer

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PostSubject: Imperial Archer   Imperial Archer EmptyFri Feb 24, 2012 11:36 am

Class/Type: Range

Description: An imperial archer who worked for the emperor, was framed for a crime he didnt do and banished. He now roams the time-gate with a vengeance striking down his enemies from afar.

Weapon: Recurve Bow
Armor: Leather Armor
Helm: Shaolin Headband
Trinket: Nest of Bees

Speed: Average
Damage: Above Average
Defense: Fairly low without upgrading
Dex: High base dexterity.

Jump: Average
Dash: The average roll, but you can shoot right at the end of a roll. Auto Aim.

D-D-D: Low Kick, Leg Sweep, High Knockback Arrow.

Hold D: The Imperial Archer has a slightly different system one it comes to shooting. It uses a sigil, like Chaos Dahlia, but the sigil can lock on. So instead of the sigil acting as your target, the sigil acts as a normal ranged lock on. It starts out orange and then to blue the longer you hold it. When you release when its orange, an arrow will hit the enemy and they will be hit like Dahlias arrow. If its blue, then the arrow does the same thing, but it makes the target unable to dash for 3 seconds.

SD-Mastery: The archer aims a long range sigil that auto locks onto 5 people max. When you press D again, the archer fires arrows that slow down movement speed, unables dash, and slowly takes away health for 10 seconds. The damage on this is very low, but it is good for catching speedy melees and slowing down enemies.

ASD-Gear Mine: The archer places a full set of gear, all random, within a small area. When an enemy picks up any of the gears, 4 highly explosive coal mines(bombs) go off, stunning whoever picked up the gear for 3 seconds. Although the damage is a bonus, the stun is what this skill is mainly used for.

AD-Iron Body: The Imperial Archer is stunned, lays on ground, and any other effect that makes you mash direction keys only last 3/4ths of its normal length.

AS-Swarm of Bees: The archer takes out a a hexagonal canister filled with dozens of rocket arrows. The kind of arrow is randomly chosen and depending on the situation can devastate an enemy team. The swarm of bees can reach anywhere on the map, the drawback being that it takes about 2 seconds to activate the skill, and another 3 seconds to fire after aiming. You aim with a blizzard sized sigil, and the effects of the arrows are:

Light-No knockback, minimal damage, and if hit by 2 of them in succession you faint.

Heavy-Heavy damage, and hits the targets to the ground with every arrow, it hits grounded foes aswell.

Poison Tipped-These do small amounts of damage for 10 seconds and slow down anyone who has been hit.

Armor Buster-Breaks block, as well as skill related defenses, medium knockback, average damage.

Explosive-Self explanatory...c4 knockback....

Massive-The number of arrows is cut in half, but each arrow is gigantic, the size of odins spear. The stun enemies for 2 seconds and break block.

I feel like im forgetting something........
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Imperial Archer
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