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 Combat Sniper

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PostSubject: Combat Sniper   Combat Sniper EmptyTue Feb 14, 2012 1:39 pm

The sniper would be a dual-mode Merc. The /'s are in place to show which mode, being Sniper Rifle case or Sniper Rifle.

I.E.: (Sniper Rifle Case move or stat)/(Sniper Rifle move or stat)

Name: Sniper (Name could change)

Class: Special/Ranged

Defense: Low/Very Low

Weapon: Sniper Rifle Case/Sniper Rifle
Armor: Ghillie Suit
Helm: Night Vision Goggles
Trinket: Equipment Bag

Speed: Around as fast as Heavy Crasher/Immobile
Power: Weak/Heavy
Jump: Normal/Immobile
Dash: Short-dash/Immobile

Attacks, defense and Skills:
Case-D: Swings the case.
Case-DD: Swings the case, swings it back.
Case-DDD: Swings the case, swings it back, pushes with the case. Mild knockback and faint.
Case-Hold D: Uppercuts with the case, causing minor launch. Takes the Sniper around 0.7 seconds to recover from this.
Case-Jump D: Swings the case in midair.
Case-Jump Hold D: Slams the case on the ground. Weak stun, no ground-hits.
Case-S: Holds the case up to defend.
Case has no counter, and cannot defend infinitely.

Rifle-Aim: Crosshairs appear that move with the directional keys. Can move upward and downward, but cannot go through solid objects, and cannot go behind obstructions from your viewpoint. (If you're confused, imagine you're holding out a giant metal pole. The tip of the pole is where the crosshairs are at, and you can only move it where you can see, and not through solid objects.)
NOTE: I still haven't thought of the range that the crosshairs stop at. Suggestions would be helpful!
Rifle-D: Crosshairs light up for 0.5 seconds (Can be seen by anyone nearby), then a bullet is fired at the location very quickly. Will break a block. Can hit ground if aimed correctly. Takes 1 second to rack another bullet.
Rifle-Hold D: Crosshairs light up until key is released; Crosshairs turn blue after 3 seconds, and bullet fired moves 1.5x as fast as normal bullet. Will break a block. Can hit ground. Takes 1.5 seconds to rack another bullet.
Rifle-Reload: After consuming 4 bullets, the sniper pulls a new clip out and replaces the depleted one, taking around 6 to 7 seconds for reloading.
Rifle-S: Sniper crosshairs move upward.
Rifle-A: Sniper crosshairs move downward.

Weapon Skill Unpack/Pack up: Converts Sniper Rifle Case to Sniper Rifle, taking 4 seconds/Converts Sniper Rifle to Sniper Rifle Case, taking 4 seconds. Very short recharge.
Armor Skill Camouflage: Goes from standing to Prone stance, becoming nearly invisible until hit or moves/Goes from kneeling to Prone stance, becoming nearly invisible until hit or moves. Can still fire in prone stance, but causes invisibility to wear off. If moving from this stance, you stand up or go back to kneeling. Medium recharge.
NOTE: 'nearly invisible' means you can still see minor distortions around the Merc's edges, almost like active camouflage.
Helmet Skill Acquire Target: Marks a target with an indicator above their head, which can always be seen onscreen until 15 seconds are up, or target is hit by the Sniper. If target moves offscreen, the indicator will remain on the side of the screen. Medium recharge.
Trinket Skill Combat Knife/Bomb rounds: Sniper pulls out a knife and swings it. If hit, Sniper swings three more times, causing knockback on the fourth hit/Sniper gets out a clip of explosive bullets, and loads it into the Sniper Rifle. Bullets will explode on hitting the Crosshairs location, but you only get 3 shots. Long recharge.

Any suggestions, questions, names or nerfing ideas are useful, so leave them below and I'll probably take a look at them.

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Sniper   Combat Sniper EmptyTue Feb 14, 2012 4:34 pm

mhm, pretty interesting hero, like a sniper, if only we dont have now the musket... but well, it seems like a hero for teamwork, and no good against opponents alone, but seems cool Very Happy
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Combat Sniper
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