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 Heavens Guardian

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PostSubject: Heavens Guardian   Heavens Guardian EmptyTue Jan 17, 2012 7:32 pm

Heavens Guardian

Type : Special

Double Jump

Weapon: Light/Excalibur ( Read on you'll understand)

Basic combo : 3 Hits

Excalibur's Basic combo: 5 hits

First-Second hit shoot beams of light. Third hit Semi Faint

Hold D : Charges the beams to hit with more power/Speed.

First-Third hit - Hit the enemy with 3 rapid jerks.

Fourth - Fifth hit - While the enemy is stunned by the 3 rapid jerks you swing up and throw the enemy up a bit then hit him with incredible force while he's coming down, Makeing him bounce.

No Hold D attack with Excalibur


Trinket (A-S) Tame the Angels of Heaven and use them to force a Shield and to get rid of De-Buffs. This Shield only works as a shield from Range attacks, any melee attacks hit through the shield. Shield last for 25 seconds.

Helmet (A-D) Summon a great pillar of light to bring down your enemies. Any enemy hit by this get their speed/jump reduced by 50% (Lasts for 20 seconds?) (Any speed buffs are canceled in-tell the speed/jump De-Buff is gone)

Armor (A-S-D) Create a semi large circle, that whenever a enemy goes in they slowly lose HP and you gain the HP (You gain it slowly similar to Medic self heal), BUT you can only absorb it if you're in the circle to. Circle lasts 40 seconds.

Weapon (S-D) Use the Angels of Heaven too use their body and turn it into Excalibur.. Enhancing your attack by 35-40. Cool-Down is over-average ( Long). (sword lasts in-tell you use S-D again to turn your weapon back into light again.)
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PostSubject: Re: Heavens Guardian   Heavens Guardian EmptyTue Jan 17, 2012 7:54 pm

well, i said it, pretty cool hero, maybe is a little OP, but is not anything that we cannot call "premium" lul

but you putted too much duration for the armor, and the weapo, wow, sword lasts in-tell you use s-d again? and upgrade your attack 35-40, is a little too much, but well, is an imaginative hero, and it seems badass and cool.
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Heavens Guardian
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