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PostSubject: [Idea]Constructor   [Idea]Constructor EmptyThu Jan 05, 2012 8:25 pm

Well, i didnt know how to make my 1st post here, because im a little embarrased hehe #o#, but i had an interesting idea, like i saw that there is no other hero that make it, so here it comes:

[Idea]Constructor Ztyeqb

yeeah bro, you know what im talking about!

Name: Builder(in pos of an epic name)
Normal hero
Rank:1LT rank 4
Short description: We all knows those public heroes that make with few materials houses and streets to the people to enjoy it! and now they will make the same here! the builder, with a hammer in his left and a chisel in his right he will be able to make from simple walls to great bunkers! his suit is comfortable and fireproof; his helmet make it able to use subcontracted employees to make the things faster, and his famous tool belt make him able to use all of his arsenal of tools!


-Basic stuff:
·Basic combo: 3 hit combo, and finish with a notable knockback, not possible feint with
their combo
·Dash: like other special heroes, have a speedy dash when you double tap a direction,
its like the sapper one, and DON'T have a dash attack
·Air: have one jump, and can charge it to travel faster, don't have a double jump or air
dash, but his air charged travel a little more than other similar heroes.
·Hold d: now it comes the good thing, when you use it it make (like the old DA BOMBs,
so he drop one to the ground) a row of bricks, so large like the anchor of the
barricade but as high as a step, but here comes the fun thing, you can stack it
with another row, so you can make walls, stairs etc... its your imagination, like
when we were young, with lego or playmobil, but 1 thing, when you put it in
ground, it becomes one of the stage, so you cant pick it up again, but can be
·Block: is a normal block, like most of heroes, no counter.

· Rapid Wall(weapon):Makes a full wall WITH a roof, so it protects you from, for example,
ice mage or fire mage, BUT is fragile, and it breaks with 1 hit, its good to protect your
cover friend in Faction battle from aerial attacks like nuke bomb, meteor etc..

· Make Ditch(armor): Make a little hole that trapt an enemy who passes over it, and if it
is hitted in the hole, it fall, with edge damage. But can be interrupted and to make the
hole needs 3 seconds, then why is it useful? well, is like the edges in the stage,
nobody will be jump in it, but you can launch the enemies to it, or make walls to force
the rival to go against it.
·Cotract(helm): summon 3 npcs that will follow you for 10 secs, and every row that you
make, they will make another. Another simple and extremely usefull skill. it works even
with other weapon, you use the hold d and they summon rows.
·The Bunker(trinket): It have a time to execute it of 7 seconds, with only 2 of inv f
rames, but when you make the bunker, you can shoot from it to out, but they cant
shoot to you, it lasts 15 seconds and the longest cooldown of the game, more than the
nuke bomb.

Well, this hero is a All team based that make the teamwork go to another level, but is DEFINITELY not recommendable to use for 1 vs 1, you will lose unless your rival want lose.

and with this, i finish my 1st post lol

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[Idea]Constructor Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Idea]Constructor   [Idea]Constructor EmptyFri Jan 06, 2012 10:34 pm

Nice Surprised. I always thought of a gear that droped and did edge damage. Very good passive though. Good work ^-^
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[Idea]Constructor Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Idea]Constructor   [Idea]Constructor EmptyFri Jan 06, 2012 11:12 pm

fuhitsuyona, tell me your alias, you know, how you want to be named, cuz from this moment, you are my friend

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PostSubject: Re: [Idea]Constructor   [Idea]Constructor Empty

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