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 Hammer Thrower(change name I dont like this one)

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Hammer Thrower(change name I dont like this one) Empty
PostSubject: Hammer Thrower(change name I dont like this one)   Hammer Thrower(change name I dont like this one) EmptyWed Nov 23, 2011 5:43 pm

Name: Pending....?
Type: Pending....!
Description: Pending....!?

Weapon: Steel Ball
Armor: Those one piece things that wrestlers wear.
Helm: Sweat Band
Trinket: Strong Man Belt

D-D-D-D: 2 handed shove, steel ball toss, toss a steel ball into the air, and then throw another as the second one falls.(pending I was rushing this cause I was cooking with my mom)

Hold D: Spin around like Pally's windmill, but spinning around a steel ball. Anyone who touches you is hit with the weight in a half a second stun and slight knockback. Release to throw in the direction you press.(press arrow key to aim)

SD: Titanium Sphere-Aim a cursor the size of priests robe then pull out a huge titanium ball on a chain, spin it around and toss it into the air. It takes the time of a plank skill for it to fall, it gives high knockback similar to chi robe, but when they hit the ground they are stunned for a short time.

ASD: Olympian Pride-Flex your biceps and kiss them, then your knockback and attack power are increased slightly.

AD: No Limits-A pile of 5 steel balls appear, and you have to aim 5 cursors consecutively to throw them at your enemies. This skill has a medium cool down, but the number of steel balls decreases everytime you use it. (max decrease is 3)

AS: Superior-Charge forward with both arms out making a closeline hit like PW's trinket. You run for about 3/4's the time of a running backs SD.
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Hammer Thrower(change name I dont like this one)
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