A casual gaming group dedicated to playing Korean Lost Saga privately without ruining the experience of the natives(Koreans) of the server.
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PostSubject: skater(jsr)   skater(jsr) EmptySun Nov 06, 2011 9:35 am

normal male
skater(jsr) BeatJSR

epic male
skater(jsr) Beatjetsetradio

skater (jet set radio)


3hit melee

dash attack one hit ground bounce

(AS)spray paint can-[graffidy] it slows down opponent for a limited time NOTE* paint will stay in the air for 5 seconds

(A-D) head phones-[air time] passive ability air recovery. NOTE*-NOT A ground recovery

(ASD)graffic clothing[tackle] its like the A-D of savage brew NOTE* it can be controlable you can jump with it.To cancel press block "s"

(SD) roller skates-[tricks] press d rapidlly to combo the skill NOTE*- it does not have super armor (invincablity)
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