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 Weapons Specialist

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PostSubject: Weapons Specialist   Weapons Specialist EmptyWed Nov 02, 2011 1:13 pm

Name: Weapons Specialist
Type: Special
Regular Merc

Weapons Specialist is literally a mercenary who has mastered all different types of weaponry whilst being hired for hundreds and hundreds of missions.

Weapon: Dual Revolvers/Dual ShortSwords
Armor: Coat of Arms
Helm: Blood Stainded HeadBand
Trinket: Recurve Bow

Dual Revolvers
(Not My Idea From Here)
Meelee Combo: DDD combo where the weopons specialist fights using his fists, however has a more refined and stronger style to it then simply the naked warrior.

Hold D: Hold D draws both guns and lets out 1 round by default, if you continue to press D after the guns are drawn(mashing possibly?) you will fire the rest of the ammo, if you attempt to move the guns are holsted after being reloaded(note: if attacked before guns could reload and holst, they will holst but wont reload-meaning you'll need to manually reload on your next attempt)

Dash: the revolver mode allows dashing, however the dash attack is really unique. When you're dashing your able to mash D to repeatably fire bullets as you run(kinda like a sped up mafia hold D walk) however this only works forwards. It is also possible to roll in all directions,except the way your running towards, to dodge incoming opponents; also ending the dash attack.
( 's Idea To Here)
Block: Crosses guns making an X

SD(tap): If you tap sd you switch to dual short swords. He puts the guns in his coat, and pulls out the swords.

SD(Hold): A priest robe sized circle appears around the Specialist, everyone within that circle is has an orange circle on them, meaning they are targeted. It slowly grows to the size of a blizzard sigil, but I mean slowly it would take about 5 seconds for it to get that size leaving you wide open while charging. When it gets to max range you will have to press D when your about to shoot, if you dont you miss.

EX: You have people in range when WS turns or moves to shoot you press D to get a good shot, so you would press D 3 times.

ASD: Throw 5 daggers out the spread out the farther they go, then shoot a grenade at about HC range, then use a shotgun to shoot a buck shot. You can change the direction of the attacks and cancel by pressing jumping, pressing asd again, blocking.

AD PASSIVE: Dash after being knocked straight into the air, you shoot downward twice thats 4 bullets. If you get knocked backward you shoot 2 bullets in the direction you got hit from. Dash while on ground to roll towards the nearest enemy and stab them with a dagger fainting them.

AS: Hold it and you shoot one arrow that faints all in its path, mash it and you shoot a volley of arrows that half faint, dont press anything and you shoot arrows consevutivly that knock back.

Short Swords:

D,D,D,D,D: Horizontal Slash, followed by Downwards vertical slash, then spin that hits twice, slash through them with both swords which faints, end up behind them and kick which knocks them down like ninja kick.

Block: Cross Swords

Dash: Same as before

Same jump as before

SD: Slash forward like howling blades except it goes farther and everyone gets hit twice and half faints.

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Posts : 86
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Age : 21
Location : New Jersey

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PostSubject: Re: Weapons Specialist   Weapons Specialist EmptyWed Nov 02, 2011 4:53 pm

I agree with you, and I like your idea better then mine for the revolvers actually.
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Weapons Specialist
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