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 Premium HERO: Blacksmith

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PostSubject: Premium HERO: Blacksmith   Premium HERO: Blacksmith EmptyFri Nov 07, 2014 5:45 pm

This human was hired by DevK to create weapons for his own personal collection. He decides that his skills are to great to be used as mere novelty and started distributing his weapons around the lost saga world.

Let's jump into it:

Weapon:Small black blacksmith hammer
Armor: Brown English peasant-like clothing
Helm: A dirty brown cloth rag around the neck
Trinket: A black small anvil

99 gauge bar (loads 5 for every successful hit; Can be used once it reaches 30; the lower the bar the slower you move)

Single Jump

Combos: D attacks
 D1: A downward swing that stuns the opponent for 1.5 second
 D2: An Upward swing knocking the opponent into the air (cancel able)
 D3: The blacksmith throws his hammer at the enemy
         -If the enemy is on the ground It half faints
         -If the enemy is in the air it it does a decent knock back

[Air] D1-D2-(mash)DDDDD
 D1: An upward swing
 D2: A downward smash into the ground with the hammer dragging an enemy down with you
 (mash)DDDDD: (like Jester but faster) Repeated strikes to the ground flattening the enemy on the last hit

Half D: Throw your hammer behind you; Same effect as ground D3

Hold D (uses gauge)
 - Your weapon becomes the same as the last person hit and you gain the weapon skill
 -The gauge goes down by 2.5 every .5 seconds
 -Once the gauge hits zero you switch back to the hammer

Dash(>>): No Run (You're carrying around an anvil for crying out loud...speaking of anvils)

>>: Drop an anvil and half faints the opponent(Hits ground)
      -Uses 50 gauge


Weapon Skill: (If not already copied with the hold D) Throw hammers repeatedly for 3 seconds (Ki Barrage mimic)

Armor Skill: Gear change (Mimic the gear of the champion who's weapon you are currently using(does not work if you pick up a different weapon)
   - After you use any of the skills that skill slot reverts back to normal
   - Reverts back to normal if your gauge reaches 0

Helm Skill: Dry off (Recharge your gauge bar)
     - Does not work if your weapon skill is not blacksmith

Trinket skill: Copy the weapon you are currently wielding and drop it(The same as when you kill an enemy and the items drop)
    - Teammates can pick this up
    - Disappears after two seconds
    -Does not work if your weapon is not the blacksmith hammer

Animation: Hits an anvil repeatedly then picks up a half finished sword from the anvil and analyzes it before putting it back down -repeat-
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PostSubject: Re: Premium HERO: Blacksmith   Premium HERO: Blacksmith EmptyMon Nov 10, 2014 12:05 am

Still play KLS?
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Premium HERO: Blacksmith
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