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 Update April 2nd

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Update April 2nd Empty
PostSubject: Update April 2nd   Update April 2nd EmptyTue Apr 01, 2014 12:31 pm

New Rare Mercenary: Super Dimensional Warrior
Based off the lag sense set no one likes, he seems to be based all on those grapples.

It's time to charge, again
Seems the charger event's coming back, you buy a legendary gear and stay on to get chargers to turn it perm.

Stay online
Every 30 minutes you'll get a charger that adds 1 day.

The Beginner legendary chests return
They're back in the shop, this time for 10,000 peso.

Weekend super charge, 5 charges!
As usual, the weekend hours(Do I really need to state it again? It starts at 9:00 PM for EST and basically goes in hourly segments.

Being on every 30 minutes will net you an equipment charger for 5 days, so you can get 20 days worth of charging just from doing this event, remember to reset it every hour.

Super DImensional packages
As usual, with a new rare comes its gear package all these gears are old minus the merc itself so it seems to be cheaper then usual.
4,500 Gold for a random gear of the set at +1
14,800 Gold for +1 of the entire set
29,800 gold for +10 of the entire set and a lv 20 EXP Fragment as well as a medal that only Super Dimensional Warrior can use.

You can buy chargers.
As usual the cash chargers are back in the shop,
500 gold one is 1,2,5, or 100 days
1000 gold one is 2,4,8 or 100 days
2000 gold one is 3,10,15 or 100 days.

Buy megaphones
If you buy megaphones a bundle of 200(39,800 gold) you get 1 million peso, and a 25 day charger.

Usual hours it's always been.
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Update April 2nd
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