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 Lost Saga's Anniversary - Update February 26th

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PostSubject: Lost Saga's Anniversary - Update February 26th   Tue Feb 25, 2014 1:05 pm

Rebalance mercenary and gears
Sudden Attack
- If I'm understanding right every single one of his cooldowns are nerfed, they were talking about how it was too fast.

- Combat Engineer Helmet, Ancient Circlet, Ancient Trinket, Striker Armor and Striker Trinket have all had their cooldowns lengthened.

Lost Saga's 5th anniversary everyone, let's have cake together!

Login to get a cake plate.

Staying on for 50 minutes a day will net you one cake slice, mocha, cheese, or cream.
Fighting for 20 minutes will net you one cake slice, tea, strawberry shortcake, sweet potato, chocolate

You can only do this quest for one slice of each cake a day.

all 7 apparently will net you a perm chest, 5 will net you a silver chest and 3 will net a trial chest.

{b]Rare equipment for the 5th anniversary, try it out![/b]
Upon connection to Lost Saga you will be able to pick one of the following +15 gears for the day and keep in mind they are all timed for 10 days. The quest talks about having to fulfill tasks to get a medal piece to achieve the 5th anniversary medal perm.

Wednesday: Powered Armor, Odin's Helmet, Volcano Cape, Asura Costume, Elraim Costume
Task: Clear Deep Forest on hard alone(?)

Thursday: Volcano Armor, Matador Hat, Odin's Spear, Asura Circlet, Pharoah Robe
Task: 2 wins in Team Death Match

Friday: Odin Armor, Volcano Circlet, Mutant Costume, Asura Halo, Priest Hat
Task: 2 wins in Dwarf Mode

Saturday: Matador Costume. Gangsi Trinket(?), Priest Robe, Powered Trinket, Laser Costume
Task: 2 wins in prisoner

Sunday: Priest Trinket, Phoenix Circlet, Gangsi Armor(?), Mutant Mask, Laser Costume
Task: Clear Fire Temple on Master.

Monday: Gangsi Costume, Druid Costume, Phoenix Wings, Mutant Cape, Laser Goggles
Task: 10 KO while boss on Boss Raid.

Tuesday: Magnet Armor, Druid Circlet, Pharoah Helmet, Elraim Wand, Laser Trinket
Task: Clear Snow Town on Hard alone.

Korean Independance Day
Login on March 1st(2nd for us) at 11:00 - 19:00 KR time (21:00 - 05:00 EST)
Basically you're required to be on for 301 minutes to get 100k peso.

Annivesary Golden Package
In celebration of Lost Saga's birthday we compiled a special package and deal just for you.

Golden Key Package - Contains a Burning Golden Key, Snow covered Golden Key and a forest covered Golden Key. - 9,800 Gold
Golden Legacy Package - Contains all three monster dungeon keys(5 of them) as well as monster dungeon chests(1 of each) (golden) - 39,900 Gold

2013 Rare Equipment, here it all comes back one last time.
Miss your opportunity to get equipment you wanted in 2013? Here's your last chance to buy it.

Permanent 2013 Rare Armor +5
Permanent 2013 Rare Helmet +5
Permanent 2013 Rare Trinket +5

Do I really have to list EVERY gear you can get out of it? It's every gear they released in 2013, just separate them into trinkets, helms, and armors.

Keep in mind what you get from these is entirely random but it'll always be +5.

Elder Discount
The original mercenaries can all be bought for a limited time with a +5 version of their epic weapon at 50% off.
All Packages are 4,800 Gold and come with the corresponding merc's weapon as well as the merc perm.
Iron Knight
Captain Hook
Western Gunman(Cowboy)
Fire Mage
Cyber Medic
Savage Berserker
Robin Hood
Crazy Miner(sapper)
Ice Mage
Army Infantry (Infantryman.)
Space Soldier(Trooper)
Shadow Assassin
Victory(Justice) Defender
Blue Dragon Guan Yu (Tao Warrior)

Burning Burning!
During February 26th to March 5th, EXP and Peso is 100%
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Saga's Anniversary - Update February 26th   Fri Feb 28, 2014 12:59 am

No Grim Reaper..? I thought that was original.. Happy anniversary Lost Saga!
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Saga's Anniversary - Update February 26th   Fri Feb 28, 2014 7:00 am

how i can download lost saga korea patch? :v
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Saga's Anniversary - Update February 26th   

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Lost Saga's Anniversary - Update February 26th
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