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 Back and matured.

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Back and matured. Empty
PostSubject: Back and matured.   Back and matured. EmptyTue Feb 25, 2014 1:39 am

Hey people well... Valkyru here for you that remember me. I've.gone. over my recent posts latelyy and seem how much of a spastic i an. I cannot be in the group due to a lot of chances and my last one wash inactivott when i promised otherwise. On the contrary, i will be posting regularly on a weekly basis. I've become a pretty art filled person and I'm doing weekly mercenary projects. However i do require feedback. Negative us always helpful no matter what. I will be playing also

Ign Valkyru

I love you guys and i hope you forgive me for my past annoyance because i an utterly sorry from a deep part of me

First project i start will be Tsuna Sawada and some of Naruto's cast
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Back and matured.
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