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 Legendary Merc- MUTANT!!!

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Legendary Merc- MUTANT!!! Empty
PostSubject: Legendary Merc- MUTANT!!!   Legendary Merc- MUTANT!!! EmptyFri Jan 31, 2014 1:56 pm

(Legendary) Mutant
The Mutant is a super-powered merc who uses webs to maneuver the battlefield and snare enemies!

Weapon: Mutant gloves
Armor: Mutant suit
Helm: mutant mask
Trinket: mutant cape

IMPORTANT: All web based attacks cause a "webbed" status ailment that marginally reduces movement speed for 3 seconds

Passive: 40
Recharge: extremely fast(charges during any action). every web action uses 20 passive
*: Uses Web gauge
Combo: D D D D / D D D D...
D: Swift downwards punch
D D: Swift right punch
D D D: back flip kick(lifts enemy)
D D D D: leaping punch(similar to gladiator hold D action) causes knockback
/D D D D...: *Web swing kick(keep enemy in mid air, and lift mutant)

Hold D: D...
D...: *very slow web ball shot. Causes GB web tangle for 1.5 second. stun breaks if enemy is struck(like chieftain poison

Dash: standard
Dash attack: >> D D D
>> D: *web swing kick
>> D D: air drop punch (causes half stun)
>> D D D: 360 handspring leg sweep kick(causes short full stun if 2nd and 3rd hit connect)

Jump: double(2nd jump flip)
Jump attacks: ^ D D D/ ^ D.../ ^>>
^ D: straight punch
^ D D: straight kick
^ D D D : rotating straight kick sends opponents away
/^ D...: *Diagonally downwards web shot
/^ >>: *Air web swing kick. Can go into air combo after air dash

Weapon: Trap web: Leap straight upwards, and fire web strands out towards all enemies within a set area. Then, pull enemies under the mutant, causing long dizzy stun. Stun time increases the more enemies are caught in it(enemies collide).Can hit grounded. Air use OK

Armor: Web sling: Shoot webs out front, grabbing enemies and flip them over your head. causes bounce. Air use OK

Helm: Web Pull: shoot a web out to pull the mutant towards an enemy. Combo reset OK. Air use OK

Trinket: Web Snare: Shoot webs at the ground around the mutant, coating enemies in web. Hits downed enemies. Air use OK.

Super combo: [web sling], alt ground combo, Air combo, [web pull(air)] air dash, air combo
     use [Web Sling] to lift the enemy, then devastate them with a long string of aerial attacks!!
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Legendary Merc- MUTANT!!!
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