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 Update December 18th

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PostSubject: Update December 18th   Wed Dec 18, 2013 2:35 am

Always burning burning!

Lost Saga is hot, let's get warm together! Experience change with the benefit of acquiring 200% Peso Bonus!

>The Event will last from December 18th until December 23rd. Daily from 11:00-3:00 (Korean Time, see lower for a time conversion).

>Get 200% peso increase while playing during the set time.

Mercenary Discount!! And their gears too?!

Desperado the outlaw of the wildernest and the eternal rival of Iori Yagami, Kyo Kusanagi! We will give you a special package price. Shall we take a look?

>Event will run from December 18th to December 24th's update.

[Desperado], 4,800 Gold; Permanent discount.

[Kyo Kusanagi], Mercenary, and 7 day EXP booster (for permanent only).

[Desperado +10 Gear Package], +10 all gears, 11,800 gold.

[Kyo Kusanagi +10 Gear Package], +10 all gears, 13,800 gold.

Emergence of New Gears!

With the emergence of the three new gears we have created a shocking +5 legendary gear package!

>Event will go on from the 18th to December 31st.


[Gwon King Package]: Gwon King Robe +1, Perm Helmet, Perm Trinket for 12,500 gold.

[Figure Skating Package]: Figure Skating Headdress +1, Perm Armor, Perm Trinket for 12,500 gold.

[LS Pog Package]: LS Pog +1, Perm Armor, Perm Helmet for 12,500 gold.

[+5 Legend Gears Package]: +5 Armor, Helmet, and Trinket legend Gears Perm for 16,900 gold.

>If not stated, the gears supplied are random.
>+5 Package is composed of legend gears.

Get special items this weekend!

Your pesos are low and you want to level up... is there a better way?
Don't worry, just play this weekend!

>December 21st-22nd. 11am-6pm (Korean Time)
>December 20th-21st. 9Pm-4Am (Eastern Time)

>Be online 60 minutes and get one (Between 11 and 3 Korean Time)

>After being online 90 Minutes, select one of the following:
, , , or

-Starting at 11:00 and continues every 90 minutes.  December 24th ice crystals will be deleted with the update. Complete quests before 6 or quests will disappear.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer had a shiny nose?!

Christmas is approaching!
The Reindeer attacked the snow village.
Kill him to make Christmas peaceful! (Wow, morbid much?)

>Quest will run from December 18th to December 24th.

>Play snow town on master level and kill 10
-Daily event gives you ice crystals.
-Ice Crystals can be traded in for Medals:
(+4 Speed)
(+5 Defence)
(+4 Helmet)

>Resets daily at 4 Korean Time, you must do party mode, and your ice crystals will disappear on the update of the 24th.

Winter returned with treats! Do you have good luck at collecting treats?

Here comes cold weather! We have warm hot chocolate to keep warm.  Usually we collect gears, so why not collect snacks for a change?

>From December 18th to December 24th.

>Collect a snack when you log on.
>You will get one hot chocolate each day (resets at 4 Korean Time)

1)>Continous Quests:
Be online 60 minutes for Fish Paste, Chestnuts, or Baked Potatoes.
Battle for 30 minutes for Hotteok (pancakes), Taiyaki, or Hoppang (ball of rice flour with red bean paste)

2)>Winter Snack Combinations:
Use the item to combine things.
-Fish Paste / Chestnuts / Baked Potato combination will give you a item.
- Hotteok / Taiyaki / Hoppang / Hot Chocolate Combination will give you a item.
-Collecting all seven items will give you a item.

Contains: Trial Gear Chest / Legend Trial Chest / 1 Merc Scroll

Contains: Silver Gear Chest / Legend Gear Chest / Premium Merc Scroll

Contains: Permanent Gear Chest / Permanent Legendary Chest

-All items will be deleted on the update on the 24th

Gwon King Robe! Figure Skating Headdress! LS Pin! Updates!!!~

Three kinds of new gear added! Skills with colorful wonder! Gwon King Robe!
Hidden in a beautiful figure skating headdress is a strong attack!
The Cute look of the Lost Saga Pin.  (LS Pin, or in place of Pin use Pog, if any of you remember what those were.)

-Skill Name: Tender Age
-Description: A flurry of attacks in rapid succession by pressing d after using the skill.

-Skill Name: Losa (Lost Saga) Spin
-Description: Move forward followed by a spin attack, (use arrow keys and d key, twice.)

-Skill Name: The Lord of Pogs
-Description:Strike the target, and then throw them down using D.

Extra Korean Competition Stuff was also mentioned.


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PostSubject: Re: Update December 18th   Thu Dec 19, 2013 10:50 pm

Whooaaa so much. No new character though, they seem to be losing their touch.
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PostSubject: Re: Update December 18th   Sat Dec 21, 2013 7:04 pm

Nah, it's just an off week, they had a new character the week before I believe.


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PostSubject: Re: Update December 18th   

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Update December 18th
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