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 Update October 11th

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Update October 11th Empty
PostSubject: Update October 11th   Update October 11th EmptyTue Oct 01, 2013 12:07 pm

New RARE mercenary update

Sealed Box rewards
Being online every 30 minutes will give a sealed equipment box which can give any gear chest at random.
Playing for 30 minutes will net a rare paper.

Saturday Event
Jack Pot.

Login on Sunday at 01-12:00 to obtain a monster coin jackpot, a bag that gives out .. apparently the first 500 will also get a +10 chest chance.

Female Sale
20% discount, 4,000 instead of 5,000

As usual, gear sale
As per usual, they're marketing new packages to go with Maid... of course one comes with a rare medal and the stats on it are +6 weapon and +6 speed, Maid can only wear it.

Megaphone bonus
Buy megaphones, get bonus peso. Yeah. that's it.

Permanent specific chests discounted
down to 66,000 peso and those other chests are marked down to 56k.

Attendance event
It's browser based, so you'll have to click a button each time you login.. Anyways, 5 days is a merc scroll, 10 days is a 5% card, 15 days is 30k peso, 20 days is a perm chest, and 25 is a rare equipment package.
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Update October 11th Empty
PostSubject: Re: Update October 11th   Update October 11th EmptyWed Oct 02, 2013 2:38 am

wew bounce 
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Update October 11th
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