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 Update September 17th

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Update September 17th Empty
PostSubject: Update September 17th   Update September 17th EmptyTue Sep 17, 2013 1:52 pm

New Rare Mercenary: Devil
Update September 17th 130917_56ea74fe_001

Logging on and staying on rewards
30 minutes - Beginners Gear Chest
60 Minutes - Gear Chest
90 Minutes - Permanent Gear Chest

Devil Sales
For a limited time Devil Packages will be sold in shop, obtain Devil with perks.
Devil lvl 20 Package - 12,800 Gold
Demon Equipment Package - 14,800 Gold (+1)
Demon Perfect Package - 29,800 (+10)
(Also comes with Devil Lvl 20 EXP booster, 50% enhanced cards(3), Devil Exclusive Medal)

Harvest Event
It's that time again, Korean Harvest.. Dev K has created a thanksgiving gift.
These boxes contain legendary gear chests and are bought with gold only.

Full Moon Poster
*Warning this event requires a ton of cash spent and even then is still luck.

Basically you have to buy certain cash items to get pieces of the full moon map, once you do that you can trade it and MAYBE get lucky to get one of the new prizes (+10 Legendary Perm, +7 to all medal) or get crap.. like a 50% enchant pack.

1: Buy Devil Permanent.
2: Thanksgiving Boxes.
3: Motion Package
4: Medal Expansion
5: Megaphones
6: Mercenary Style Pack
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Update September 17th
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