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 Update July 16

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Update July 16 Empty
PostSubject: Update July 16   Update July 16 EmptyTue Jul 16, 2013 1:11 pm

Three new Legendary Gears
Ancient Circlet
Safety Armor
Legendary bag

Graffiti Artist Reform
- Base Attack Damage increase
- Dash attack damage damage increase
- Dash attack distance has been increased
- Jump attack damage has been increased
- Jump Attack knockback distance has been increased with second air attack
-The range of the explosion of the tags has been increased
- Graffiti Artist can now place more tags although it's pretty pointless
- Spray cooldown has been reduced
- Armor Skill's roll afterwards has increased distance
- Armor Skill's 'crew' lasts longer
- Helm radius has been increased
- Trinket when canceled instantly or soon has half its cooldown

Seven Days, Seven Shells. Colors of the Rainbow.
Every day connect during the event and you will get 1 shell, you will get a summer gift box  shortly after in 30 minutes. Then 60 minutes another gift box, 90 minutes another gift box.
Each gift box will contain a certain amount of shells.

You trade in the shells for prizes.
1 - Lunar Bait x5
3 - Basic Gear Chest
5 - Gear Chest
7 - Seven Colors Shell

The seven colors shell is essentially apparently a perm chest that can not give legendaries..

Chicken Soup is good for the soul
[Upon logging in July 23rd from 24:00 to 00:00 (KR)]
You will get a chicken soup item every 15 minutes.

Chicken Soup can give the following items.
1. Clover x5, Hp potion x5, 1k Peso, Basic Gear Chest, Fishing Rod 10 days, Style gamble/capsule(Male), 10 clovers, Lunar bait x10, 2k pesos, 30% upgrade card, EXP +200 1 day, Peso +100 1 day, 5k pesos, Resurrection ankh, 50% upgrade card, 10k peso, 70% upgrade card, female style gamble/capsule(Female), 1x Monster Coin

Weekend, test your luck it's capsule time
12:00 to 14:00 (KR) will grant a mercenary capsule, you can get 2 hr, 10 hr, or perm out of the capsule.
Rare capsules can give 5 hour, 10 hour, 30 hour of rare mercenaries.

*If you do not accept your capsule they will be immediately deleted the next day.

Urban Sales
Graffiti Artist is 50% off for the next two weeks(4,800 Gold)
-All GA gears +1 - 11,800 Gold
-All GA gears +10 - 14,800 Gold, also comes with a styling capsule for male dyes only.

Legendary Packages
Safety First! - Safety Outfit, Safety Trinket, Safety Helm
Ancient Package - Ancient Costume, Ancient Circlet, Ancient Trinket
Legendary Package - Legendary Bag, Legendary Sign, Legendary Sweats
All these for 12,500 Gold each.

There is another event but...
You get in it, you're getting banned. Period. I advise you be even more cautious then usual because they're actually airing GM activity over KR television, the matches, the chat, everything. If you play in groups do your best to literally stay in your rooms and keep to yourselves.
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Update July 16 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Update July 16   Update July 16 EmptyThu Jul 18, 2013 4:35 am

What's "monster coin" and "clover" do ?
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Update July 16 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Update July 16   Update July 16 EmptyThu Jul 18, 2013 10:59 pm

Can we know about the other event, or could you PM me about it? I am very curious now.. -.-
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PostSubject: Re: Update July 16   Update July 16 EmptyWed Jul 24, 2013 3:44 pm

^ has a point
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PostSubject: Re: Update July 16   Update July 16 Empty

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Update July 16
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