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 Demand Reform Hazama

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Demand Reform Hazama Empty
PostSubject: Demand Reform Hazama   Demand Reform Hazama EmptySat May 25, 2013 11:34 am

I hope this is approved
First of all I want to ask Reasons Hazama in Nerf

Trying to look good in the Video
There Dash Attack + Hold D + DDDD + D + S + S + DDDD Hold Dst
it can be done
Let us try in HQ / Battle
certainly can not because in nerf
Because depleted Dash Attack + D Hold it really hard ketariknya
ketarik continue when it can not connect again let a lot of combo

Hazama reform suggestions:

SD Hazama in order not to be detained / defense broken
U.S. Hazama in order not to be detained / defense broken
D Holdnya somewhat extended slightly
A + D + >> + Hold D to be able to direct ground / land / etc
Hazama tug / D Hold + S to be in fast forward / in a little reform
It wrote my suggestion
Hopefully can be approved

Sorry for bad
English Language. Because, i'm from Indonesian
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Demand Reform Hazama
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