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 Natsu Igneel

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Natsu Dragneel up for the count!

D:A fire punch
DD:Double fire punch from left to right
DDD:Double fire punch from left to right then a hook
DDDD:Double fire punch from left to right then two hooks from left to right
DDDDD:Double fire punch from left to right then two hooks from left to right leading to an uppercut that ascends the enemy into the air

Hold D:You charge up fire with a 3 gauge bar meaning you can charge up three times before we release it.

Hold D Hold D: Throw a giant fireball towards the enemy that can hone but is easy to run from

The fire ball gets big depending on how much you charge up.

Hold D Hold D A: Do a firery uppercut that launches and can be a juggle start.

Uppercut varies depending on how much you charge.

Trinket:Natsus scarf:Dragon Wing attack
Form two huge dragon wings and sling them at the opponent, Ground hit

Helm:Guilty Fire:Throw multiple fireballs at the enemy that also depend on how much you charge and the last fireball is a smash D where it can go huge and launch the enemy

Armor:Vest and pants with his own special style.

Special Style: His regular bushy hair thats a little like a super saiyans but down and cut a little more. Pink Hair Dye.

Armor: Igneel's Dream: He turns into all of his dragon features for a breif.....30 seconds.

Damage, Speed, and Knockback increased.

Cooldown is SLOW.

Dash Attack: a two hit dash attack. He runs jumps in the air and whirlwind kicks you then comes with a right hook when he spins back around.

Air Attack: Whirlwind Kick the opponent.

Air Attack Hold D: Slam him down with a Drop Dead.
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Natsu Igneel
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