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 Grey Fullbuster,Natsu Igneel,Laxus ThungerBolt

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PostSubject: Grey Fullbuster,Natsu Igneel,Laxus ThungerBolt   Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:18 pm

Will be posted within the next 2-3 hours
Gray Fullbuster's Basic Combo :DDD First D he swings his fast with a great hook the second D He goes for a RoundHouse and the third D he swings his foot down on you.
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Posts : 155
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PostSubject: Re: Grey Fullbuster,Natsu Igneel,Laxus ThungerBolt   Thu Feb 28, 2013 7:00 pm

Grey Fullbuster: Fairy tail, King of Icemake

Helm:Floating Ice Orb
Armor:White and grey ice jacket with fairy tail symbol on the left side of it.
Weapon: When equiped you dont see anything on his hands but on the ground its an ice sculpture

Basic Combo: DDDD
D:First D is a quick jab
DD: Quick Jab, Left hook
DDD:Quick Jab Left hook and a side kick
DDDD:Quick Jab Left hook, a side kick and a drop kick

Hold D: Now he gets into his Ice Make position. From here you can do 1-4 things.
Hold D S: Hold D S gets Grey into his Make Position and he summons Ice Make Lance at ranges of a fire mages meteor with a nice 20 second freezing effect.
Hold D A: Hold D A Gets him into the Make Position and summons Ice Make Hammer which flattens your enemy and can be a follow up with Ice Make Lance.
Hold D D Gets Him into the Make position and He punches super hard and goes for a feint and you fly at least the length of half the hole in the western civilization Plaza/Battle Map

Helm: Ice reduction, All ice attacks directed at Grey gives him hp
Trinket: Ice Void, He puts the key in the ground and a lot of ice spears come up causing a feint and honing on the opponent thrashing down on him/her
Armor:Inflicts ice damage to whoever hits him
Weapon: Does basic combo after the last D he uses ice make lance and then ice make hammer.

Pics later oh e as blue jeans and hair meh...ill just post the pic.
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Grey Fullbuster,Natsu Igneel,Laxus ThungerBolt
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