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 Premium Merc-Ikki Minami

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PostSubject: Premium Merc-Ikki Minami   Premium Merc-Ikki Minami EmptyThu Feb 07, 2013 4:58 pm

Premium Mercenary-Ikki Minami

Ikki, also known as Crow, is the current Sky King in the world of AT's. Along with his team Kogarasumaru he has ascended through to ranks to the position of top Storm Rider. He's come to through the timegate to find stronger opponents and master his Hurricane Road.

Ikki is a fast, nimble fighter who focuses on mobility and wide ranged knockback using tricks of the wind.

Normal Attack-D, D, D, D, D: Ikki kicks his enemy in the stomach with his left leg, then spins clockwise and makes a wide kick with the heel of his right, then punches downward making them bounce, and then uses his AT's to deliver 2 quick sweeping kicks that hit grounded and slightly knocks back everyone around him.

Normal Attack v2-D, D, D, D, Hold D: The same initial 4 hits of the combo but instead of a second sweep kick Ikki creates a barrier of wind that quickly expands, momentarily blocking projectiles and blasting enemies into the air.(Like DevK backpack but about 1/4 or 1/5 the height and power.

Normal Attack v3-D, D, D, Hold D, Hold D: After making a single target bounce with his punch, he swings his fist in a 360 slightly knocking enemies back, and then using the momentum to spin faster, pulling in nearby enemies, and them launching them a random distance.(Distance Range: Miss to about SF's C4)

Normal Attack v4-D, D, Hold D, Hold D, Hold D: First 2 kicks, then Ikki quickly spins, creating a gust of wind on the ground that knocks enemies into the air, then he jumps up and kicks enemies back to the ground making them bounce, and finishing by creating a sphere of dense air and smashing enemies into the ground(last attack is like RB's weakest kick, where they basically just fall back and slightly slide on the ground)

Hold D: Ikki creates horizontal tornado that lasts for 3 seconds, it slows enemies, and gives allies that run through it a 2 second burst of speed, and if they jump through it a slightly extended jump.(slightly more distance jump, when used in the air the tornado is diagonal facing Ikki's current direction, going downward. It slows enemies in mid air, possibly dropping them, and makes gives allies a low height,almost gliding distance jump.

Block: Ikki creates a barrier of wind that against physical attacks, is a normal block, but randomly reflects projectiles in random directions. The wind barrier is a half sphere, so it doesn't cover Ikki's back, but allies can hide behind him for cover.

Counter: Ikki delivers a powerful, wind augmented kick that blasts through enemies, slight knockback and knocks them down.

Jump: Ikki has a unique jump because he can charge it by revving his AT's for up to 4 seconds, a visiual cue will signal that he has reached another rev and he can charge up to 3 of them. For each rev, Ikki can execute powerful air dashes, changing his direction instantaneously. Unlike a regular air dash, Ikki doesn't automatically descend after one, his jump continues, so you can extend his jump while chaning direction a maximum of 3 times. Whenever he does an air dash a small burst of sparks appear. You can press S in mid air to use all revs to perform a "moonrider" where he elegenatly rotates his body increasing his height but also increasing how fast he descends.

Dash: Beware of Ikki's dash. His base speed is above average rivaling a ninja. Ikki's speed increases the longer he dashes, allowing him to quickly catch up to runners.(His speed slightly increases every second. Max 3 increases)

Dash Attack D: Ikki dash forward(HC dash) pivots, and does a wide kick in the opposite direction he dashed. Easy way to catch a runner.

Dash Attack Hold D: Ikki performs a straight power slide, that pushes enemies he passes to the left or right.

Air Attack(Hold D covered earlier): Ikki jumps off an enemy, knocking down enemies on the ground and causing airborne enemies to bounce straight down from where he jumped. Ikki can also use his air attack to push of an ally, giving them an additional jump, but throwing Ikki down.

Weapon-Storm Regalia(AT's)-Move and Icon changes depending if your on the ground or in the air: While on the ground the icon shows a hand with a gust of wind coming out, Ikki gathers wind around his hand for a second, and punches forward creating a gust of wind that blasts enemies back. The effect is that of wind hat, but the blow back is immidiate and does damage. When used in the air the icon becomes a kick with a laser-like beam coming out. Ikki gathers wind around his leg, hovering while he does this, and launches a powerful gust of wind horizontally downward in the direction he's facing. Everyone hit bounces and the damage increases if he uses it after creating a tornado with Hold D.

Note: Probably OP, got bored after watching some episodes of air gear. Finish skills later. Except for his attacking skills, his damage is relatively low. Might do other characters from air gear at a later date.

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PostSubject: Re: Premium Merc-Ikki Minami   Premium Merc-Ikki Minami EmptyThu Feb 07, 2013 7:47 pm

Haha! Yeah Man! this game totally needs some baby-face!!
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Premium Merc-Ikki Minami
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