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 New Premium idea: Yu Narukami(Persona 4)

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New Premium idea: Yu Narukami(Persona 4) Empty
PostSubject: New Premium idea: Yu Narukami(Persona 4)   New Premium idea: Yu Narukami(Persona 4) EmptyFri Feb 01, 2013 11:45 pm

Yu narukami

Weapon: Katana
Armor: Yasogami high uniform
helm: glasses
Trinket: "The Fool" Persona card


Combo: D D D D
D: low backhand punch
D D: Slash left
D D D: slash up
D D D D: Zio(Izanagi lightning palm) very short feint

Hold D: D... D
D...: summons Izanagi to charge forwards with glaive(3 hits max) hits increased
based on distance
D... D: Izanagi Stabs with Glaive(Knockback)
* If Izanagi is attacked during any attack he is summoned,
causes Yu short half stun
* If enemy blocks first hold D hit, is not pushed back by the other 2 hits

Dash: standard

Dash attack: >> D/ >>D...
>>D: Leaping stab(causes Half stun)Bounces aerial enemies
>> D...: Summons Izanagi. Yu and Izanagi slide on the ground engulfed in
lightning, causing shock to enemies(Knock down)

Jump: single

Jump attack: ^D/^D...
^D: Slashes wide
^D...: Summons Izanagi in the air to drift slowly for 1 second. Stabs
straight down causing bounce(grounded OK)

Counter: S...D
S...D: Slash Left
S...D D: Slash Right
S...D D D: High uppercut slash(lifts enemy and Yu


Weapon: Mazio: Summons Izanagi to strike Lightning at all surrounding enemies.
Causes standing shock. Grounded hit Ok

Armor: Zioga: Izanagi throws a lightning ball straight forwards, causing extended
shock to enemy.

Helm: Cross Slash: Yu Sashes with electrified sword shocking enemies and causing a
wide arc. Then, Izanagi slashes straight down the enemy, causing a vertical electric
line to appear. FF.

Trinket: Ziodyne: Summon Izanagi to summon an enormous Lightning beam. Hits 4 times
max, while shocking/ pushing enemy back.

Yu narukami:New Premium idea: Yu Narukami(Persona 4) Yu_Idle_stance

Female: Chie Satonka:New Premium idea: Yu Narukami(Persona 4) Ce000_00\

Izanagi(persona):New Premium idea: Yu Narukami(Persona 4) 24766854_m
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New Premium idea: Yu Narukami(Persona 4)
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