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 New merc: Juggernaut

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New merc: Juggernaut Empty
PostSubject: New merc: Juggernaut   New merc: Juggernaut EmptySun Dec 23, 2012 6:30 pm

I'll just jump right to it:


Weapon: Giant Club
Armor: Juggernaut stonemail
Helm: Juggernaut Collar(thick, mouth-covering collar)
Trinket: Juggernaut Shouldermail


Gauge: max 4(very slow regen, like Iljime)

Combo: D D D(MAX DMG: 18)
D:Swing right(4dmg)
D D: Swing left(6dmg
D D D: Swing down(flattens, hits grounded)(9Dmg)
*If flattened by normal combo 2 times, faster tumbler.

Hold D: D..(L)(10dmg)/D...(H)(14dmg)
D..(L): Wide swing(uses 1 point of max gauge. Very heavy KB, no GB)
D...(H): Heavy swing upwards(uses 3 of max gauge. Super launches, GB.
Slow like kickoff skill).
*gives single hit super armor(no recoil, still take dmg) during

Dash: slower dash

Dash attack: >>D
>>D:Club bump(short, standing dizzy)(3dmg)

Jump: single

Jump attack: ^D
^D: Wide swing(causes half stun to standing enemies)(6dmg)

Block: deflect

skills: Blood Wheel: Spin diagonally on the ground with club, moving
forwards. short lifts enemies and carries them with you. Interrupt (2dmg every spin. Max spins: 6)
with any button:
A: Swing up, lift enemies a littel, jump, and slam the ground. Cuases lift.(8dmg)
S: Swing Straight down. causes flatten(7dmg)
D: Swing heavily up. Cuases super lift.(10dmg
All attacks GB. Medium Invinc frame.

Armor: Crusher: Slams fist together and summon an aura pair to do the same.
causes dizzy. (13dmg)
(Air use): slam aura fists into ground. causes flatten. (10dmg)
Both uses GB. Full invinc.

Helm: Stone spire: Stomps ground, causing half stun in an area around the(4dmg stomp)
juggernaut. Summons earth spikes under the enemies, lifting them. First (8dmg spire)
stomp is blockable, earth spike GBs.during stomp is invinc.

Trinket: Pulverize: Grabs enemy and flails them back and forth over the
Juggernauts head(6 times,last hit makes enemy bounce in front of you). If
Dy point, cuases final hit, causing bounce. LAG SENSE, GB.(3dmg every slam)
Invinc for 1.5 seconds.(6 dmg for final swing)
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New merc: Juggernaut
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