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 Monster Dungeon Items?

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Monster Dungeon Items? Empty
PostSubject: Monster Dungeon Items?   Monster Dungeon Items? EmptyThu Oct 18, 2012 11:04 am

Well I wanted somes items of monster dungeon. Somes like that boost every stat
For example its like LoL [League of legends.] At start of a roudn you can buy a item to boost your stats plus + extra/special stats for example:

Boost 20% EXP Percent
Boost 40% Peso Percent
Boost 20% chance of Potions drops.

So yeah like that.
For example a attack type:
Wooden sword: Gives 5+ attack
IRon sword: Gives 10+ attack
In order. and also they need to add money on monster dungeon
that will make you to buy items [Not peso.]
Idea end.
Like it? Comment cheers
Even I'm a simple kid who has so many ideas geek
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Monster Dungeon Items?
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