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 Phoenix Overlord

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Ok so does anyone play AdventureQuest? It's a little flash based RPG game, and it's quite popular in America. If you do, you should know the reign set then, or now known as the overlord set. If you don't, then overlord should look something like a heavily armored knight with a flaming sword and a shield. I think it would be cool if it was made a hero. It would be something like this


Basic D->D->D->D
Overlord does an upward diagonal swing, and then stabs his sword to the ground forward (much like ragna's 4th hit but only once and hits grounded, but doesn't lift them off the ground much so they cannot be hit with the next attack), then swings his sword upwards and downwards again, releasing a horizontal wave of flame. Overlord ends up in the air after the 4th hit. The flame wave deals a small feint or small knockback and burn status if not standing straight. All hits does small damage

Hold D
Like the 4th hit, but inflicts guard break and small knockback instead. Slightly further knockback if enemy is not standing straight plus burn status. Anyone that is off the ground is thrown upwards a bit and also given burn status. Hits grounded. Medium damage

Jump Attack
Swings his sword downward. Anything not standing straight is knocked with burn status. If it's standing, inflicts half feint. if it's feinted, then kneeling. Small damage

Dash Attack
Does a diagonal upward bash with his shield which causes the enemy to be lifted a bit, then either D for a stab which causes small feint and small knockback or hold D for another downward diagonal bash which causes the enemy to bounce. Medium damage

Air Dash
Spreads his arms and becomes engulfed in flames like a phoenix and moves forward about 1/3 of Matrix's big hexagons. anything not standing is inflicted burn status and dealt small knockback. if standing, deals medium knockback, or tiny knockback if the blocked it. Small damage


Weapon - Meteor Rain
Brings up a targeting reticule. Press D after choosing an area and calls a rain of small meteors. Meteors fall randomly and deals damage equal to Blizzard. Area also equal to Blizzard. calls about 12 meteors

Armor - Supreme Reign
Lets out a mighty roar that stuns the opponents for 2 seconds. Any enemy that is hit with this skill will be capable of friendly fire for the next 12 seconds.

Helm - Overlord's Blaze (passive)
Deals 25% extra damage to targets inflicted with burn status or magma status (volcano set)

Trinket - Rebirth
Becomes engulfed in flames and unleashes a wave of fire that lifts the enemy off the ground and inflicts burn status. Can be used while grounded and as counter skill.

EDIT: 25% is a bit too high i think.. maybe just 10%

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Phoenix Overlord
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