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 I'll try my hand, Valkyrie

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I'll try my hand, Valkyrie Empty
PostSubject: I'll try my hand, Valkyrie   I'll try my hand, Valkyrie EmptyWed Jun 20, 2012 7:12 am

Male: This was pretty hard to think of for Male Imagine a Spearsman standing high and tall with their spear held behind their back pointed downwards, with Angel like wings, and the person has more masculine armor then the picture below

Female: ... Do I really? I'll try my hand, Valkyrie 03445 something like this with a spear instead of a sword.


Basic Attack Combo D D D D, Imagine Poke, Slice, Poke, Lunge.

Hold D, Imagine a slow guard breaker that pushes the enemy backwards (Can be used in place of the end of the basic combo)

Jump Attack: The Valkyrie looks as if it is flying downwards and pierces the enemy.

Jump hold D Attack, a strong version of hold D and the Jump attack but instead of Piercing it pushes the enemy further backwards and phases them for a split second.


Weapon: The Chosen, What this does is the Valkyrie stabs into the enemy and puts them into a feint.

Armor: Unstoppable Force, What this does is the Valkyrie summons Soldiers of Valhalla to aid her. This is a rush forward of people (I Don't know how to describe them) and it sends a knock back that will always stop before an edge or they will stop in a second.

Hat: Vanquisher, This breaks all debuffs on the Valkyrie, knocks everyone back, and she gets to aim at one area and she flies and stuns that person

Trinket: Wings of the Chosen, Think of this as an escape skill, Can be used while being hit or knocked down. The Valkyrie flies pass anything and everything (Except for walls and etc) and will either instantly heal herself (About 1/10th of the bar) when stopped at an edge or will instantly teleport behind the furthest away enemy.

Taunt: The Valkyrie will fly and do a back flip then lands and points her spear forward while turning to the side

(Unfinished works)
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I'll try my hand, Valkyrie
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