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 Wind Sorceror ZhugeLiang

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PostSubject: Wind Sorceror ZhugeLiang   Wind Sorceror ZhugeLiang EmptySun Jun 10, 2012 6:02 am

KLS's first got Guan Yu and then Zhao Yun. Why not add a mage merc from the 3 kingdoms?
ZhugeLiang's already got an armor and helm as a legendary gear, so if a weapon and trinket is added, he'll turn into a merc.

Wind Sorceror ZhugeLiang
Merc Type: Mage
Weapon: Peacock Feather(Name from DW)/ Feather Wind Fan
Armor: (Legendary Gear)
Helm: (Legendary Gear)
Trinket: Wind Scroll

D>D>D 3hit Combo
Horizontally whacks once, followed with a second reverse whack and a downwards whack that does slight knockback.

Hold D Summon magic circle
Activates a magic circle which radius is slightly bigger than Fire's. Increases weapon skill charge speed.

Hold D>D Wind Gust
Executes a small blow of wind that pushes and lifts opponents a little further. Damage will be taken by opponent if he/she is hit by an obstacle (E.g. Fence, Those Electric balls).

Dash Hard Whack
Hits the opponent hard at the head, causing a small feint status. Continuous 2 hits will inflict kneeling status.

Air Attack Wind Blast
Shoots a gust of wind that deals cutting damage. Does small feint.

Weapon - Wind Cutter
A tornado will show up in the summoned magic circle. This tornado is higher than the armor skill and will do a continuous 6 hit cutting attack of the wind. The skill ends with a high drop from the air dealing impact damage. Unmoveable tornado attack that will hit any target that it encounters.

Armor - Tornado
Like what you see, summons a movable tornado to fly people around and annoy them until they fall.

Helm - Whirlwind
Summons a gust of wind that blows opponents away as seen in the game.

Trinket - Wind's blessing
Similar to Knight's Haste Aura, does an AoE buff that increases nearby ally movement speed and attack speed for about err.. 10 seconds? Yeah I guess that does it.

I don't know if you guys ever thought of it before ( I assume yes ) but since there weren't any posts about it ( I think ) I made one. Leave comments, whether it's a good idea or not Very Happy
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Wind Sorceror ZhugeLiang
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