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 Blade Master

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Once a great warrior who served an emperor, the Blade Master was forced to do 'Sepukku' for failing an important mission. He escaped the kingdom and went to an isolated village teaching people the way of the blade. Specializing in long ranged slashes and swift movements, the Blade Master is a Merc whose force is to be reckoned.

Weapon: Nodachi - A longer version of the katana, having bigger range but heavier.
Armor: Shredded Robes - War torn robes worn by the Blade Master
Helmet: Scarred Mask - The Blade Master hides his face by wearing a mask scarred during battle.
Trinket: Rusty Katana - A rusty old blade that aids the Blade Master in combat.

Does a horizontal slash that covers quite a range then does two upper diagonal slashes to do a slight launch to the opponent.

Hold D
Dashes slightly forward and does a downwards diagonal slash that gives enemy impact on ground. Range can hit 2 opponents.

Dash D>D
Two fast horizontal slashes to the enemy. First slash does feint and second does the knockback range of before reformed samurai 3rd combo ender.

Dash Hold D
Impales the enemy and does feint effect.

Air Combo:
Two diagonal slashes downward. Slight knockback.

Hold D
Lunge downward with a diagonal slash that does a small stun for continuing combos.

Weapon - Finish
Like the Hold D, Blade Master will dash a small distance and do a wide range slash, this will feint the enemy. Then, Blade Master will do a pose like those games where samurais slash then sheath their weapon, but instead he just swings it to a direction and inflicts 2 hits on the opponent.

Armor - Ippon Seoinage(One-Shoulder Throw)
Same effects like Sol's trinket, but covers a bigger range as Blade Master catches the enemy by grabbing horizontally and not vertically(like Sol). Judo Techinique, Lag sense.

Helmet - Reveal
Blade Master reveals his true face and scares the enemies upon looking how scared it is.
Does shorter stun effect than Berserker horn. (I recommend adding a new face to the shop)

Trinket - Emergency Slash
Can be used like the mafia dagger, does a quick counter by slashing the enemy. Enemies hit will be inflicted with a 'rusted' status, slower movement speeds and lower jump heights(faster than assassin's acid) and dealing very little damage for 3 secs. Can still dash after being hit.

Attack speed is that of the old samurai
Movement speed is like the Berserker
Damage will be err.. like average, slightly higher

What do you think? I hope I didn't completely take an idea from the forum since I didn't really look through ALL of them.. Leave comments Very Happy
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Blade Master
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