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 Premium hero idea "Henshin-A-Go-Go, Baby!!"

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Premium hero idea "Henshin-A-Go-Go, Baby!!" Empty
PostSubject: Premium hero idea "Henshin-A-Go-Go, Baby!!"   Premium hero idea "Henshin-A-Go-Go, Baby!!" EmptyMon May 14, 2012 9:45 pm

Yep, thought of this the other day:

Combo: D D D D
D: forward jab
D D: Upper cut punch(no lift)
D D D: 360 shin kick
D D D D: double spinning jump strike

Hold D: D.../D(semi-hold)

D...:Charge voomerang, homes in on enemy nearest to the voomerang. Hits 3 times, and is blockable
D(semi-charge): Kicks a shocking pink bomb. detonates in 2 seconds.

Dash attack: >> D D:

>>D: Slide kick, lifts enemies slightly

>>D D: Kicks enemy up in the air during slide dash

Jump attack: D D D D/ D...

^ D: Air jab

^ D D: spin kick

^ D D D: aerial drop kick

^ D D D D: Down aerial cartwheel spin(hits 3 times)

^ D...: Air Joe, weak 6 hit combo.

Air S: ^ S

^ S: viewtiful Dodge, does a full body twist that evades aerial attacks. Causes delayed landing

Special block: S(timed)

S(timed):Viewtiful Dodge, jumps to the side, like he does to dodge, and causes the attacking enemy to stagger.


Weapon: Special V dodge(don't remember what this skill is called): Stands in a crane crane stance-like pose. If attacked, Joe will jump very far diagonally back, causing the enemy to stagger. Them, jumps back to the same spot, and counters the attack with 2X the damage of the attack.

Armor: Mach Speed!: Starts with a super fast punch. Then begins running forward punching, with the enemy in front;fire trail behind. Hits 12 times(weak hits) then launches you and the enemy into the air. can control the direction slightly.

Helm: Slowwwwwww: Creates a field around Joe(Blizzard sized) puts all enemies in slo-mo for 8 seconds.

Trinket: Desparado: summons the Six-machine(cannon mode) and fires it at the enemies(goes as far as tornado) sending the enemies flying back.

Also, with the release of Joe, some new style items will be added.

Cap hair

Casual Underwears

Goatee face

Female will be Silvia

Viewtiful Joe(male)

Viewtiful Joe(female)
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Premium hero idea "Henshin-A-Go-Go, Baby!!"
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