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PostSubject: Juggernaut   Juggernaut EmptySat Mar 31, 2012 8:22 pm

Basic Attack: Like infantry's attack but has an additional hit and higher knockback
Air attack(theres 2)Tap D makes juggernaut ram the ground(ground hit) Hold D makes juggernaut shoot in the air
Hold D: Shoots 5 heavy shots, the 5th shot feints
SD:Rampage: A barrage of various weapons on a opponent(50.CAL SAW, M4, SNIPER, PISTOL, AND LAST RPG)
ASD:Bull-Charge: The juggernaut runs like a bull knocking its opponents away
AD:RAGE: Juggernaut pounds his helmet in anger, breaks defense and increases damage by 5%
AS:Bombs away:Tosses a bunch of grenades at a selected area

heres my idea Razz and yes i can pretty much tell this is OP o-o
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