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 Kratos (God Of War)

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PostSubject: Kratos (God Of War)   Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:54 am

Name: Kratos
Type: Melee

My Idea Kratos From God Of War

Weapon: Blades Of Chaos ( Double Blade)
Armor: Ares Armor
Helm: Gladiator Helmet
Trinket: Olympus Blade or Medusa Head


Speed: Medium

Counter: To behind enemy and thrust make fall

D,D,D,D Spin The Chaos Blade And the Last D Make Enemy Stun

Dash: Throw Enemy Into Air

Hold D Thrust Enemy And Makes Enemy Stun

Jump :Normal Jump Very Happy

Jump Attack : ,Double Jump Attack

SD ( Chaos Spin) : Spin The Chaos Blades In 5 times , make Enemy Fall Razz
ASD ( Chain): Pull The Enemy And Makes enemy Stun 3 second
AD ( Gladiator Power): Makes You invulnerable For 5 Second
AS: ( Olympus Blade): Strike the enemy with Olympus blade, And Makes enemy Stun :p
AS: ( Medusa Head): Makes an enemy into stone in 3 second or 5 :p

Combo: ASD,Hold D,AS,Hold D,Dash,and SD Very Happy

-EndlessVictory Razz

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Kratos (God Of War)
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